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Flotilla sailing yacht charters in Kos island in the Dodecanese

The embarkation and disembarkation takes place in the charter base in Kos marina in Kos island!
The area offers open seas and fresh winds while the available itineraries include some better known Kos island like Patmos and Kalymnos but also some of the smaller and quite and unspoiled ones such as Nysiros, Halki, Leros or Tilos.
Kos marina is a great place to start exploring the best of this beautiful sailing area in the Dodecanese.

The weather:
The Dodecanese is blessed with warm sunshine over 300 days a year. Temperatures from May range from the low to mid 20s in early and late season and up to the high 30s between June and September. Sailing conditions are variable ranging from moderate to fresh , especially during the Meltemi season from mid July through to mid August.

The North Route of Kos flotilla

KOS flotilla - North Route
Saturday: Kos marina base
Sunday: Pothia in Kalymnos - 17 NM
Monday: Lipsi - 30 NM
Tuesday: Patmos or Arki - 14 NM
Wednesday: Leros - 21 NM
Thursday: Free sailing
Friday: Kos base
Saturday: Disembarkation

The South Route of Kos flotilla

KOS flotilla - South Route
Saturday: Kos marina base
Sunday: Kardamaina, south Kos - 7 NM
Monday: Nisiros - 10 NM
Tuesday: Tilos - 20 NM
Wednesday: Symi - 24 NM
Thursday: Free sailing
Friday: Korfos base
Saturday: Disembarkation

Routes may vary due to weather conditions.

You may combine the North with the South route for a two week flotilla holiday.

Sailing boats available from Kos