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Booking information Yacht charter skipper certificate briefing hostess and skipper job obligation support check-in briefing provisions fuel water embarkation day.
What you need to know on starting and finishing days and times, yacht provisions, water and disel for the sailboat, the brioefing of the yacht at check-in, the support provided during the charter, what you need to bring with you, the necessary skipper certificate, bareboat and skippered charters and the jon obligation of the crew.

Starting and finishing days and times

The great majority of the sailing charter yachts in Greece are starting and finishing Saturdays.
In case your traveling details are different though, please let us know so we can examine the possibilities if available.

The embarkation time is at 17:00 p.m. on the starting date, while the disembarkation time is at 09:00 a.m. on the last day.
You will need to be back though at the disembarkation base latest at 18:00 p.m. the day before.

Majority of the charter bases are offering the extra of early check-in.
If you reserve the early check-in, then the charter base is placing you yacht on priority on the preparation list and the yacht can be delivered for the check-in latest at 14:00 pm.
Please advice if you wish to start your charter earlier than 17:00 pm, so we can confirm availability and cost.

Provisions, Fuel and Water

Your boat comes full of fuel and water and you have to return it full after your holiday, this can be arranged for you on your return at the station you have chosen. It is a good idea to "top-up"your water tanks regularly as on some of the smaller islands this can be hard.
As for your provisions there are a choice of shops and supermarkets close to all of our stations and you can go shopping on your arrival, or if you prefer this can be done for you and delivered to your boat by the super market on your arrival.
Linen is supplied as one set per person for a 2 week period, there are laundries on all of the larger islands who supply you with a daily laundry service.

Briefing, Check-in and assistance

On your arrival your boat will have been prepared and checked and the station staff will show you the boat and explain how everything works, this really needs to be done during day light hours so if you are arriving after dark please let us now as early as possible and your check-in can be organised for the next morning. Once you have been shown your yacht and assisted in any questions you may have either about recommended destinations or about your boat they will have supplied you with all necessary documentation, including contact phone numbers in case you have any problems.


For any technical issue on board, you may call the Base Manager and he will immediately advise you. The technical team operates on a 24/7 basis in order to provide you with quick & professional assistance whenever and wherever needed.

What you need to bring

You will need to have with you your passport, booking confirmation for your requested boat, travellers cheques, VISA or other credit card for the security deposit and the balance of charter if this has not already been paid, this will have to be in either cash, certified bank cheque or travelers cheques. We can only take credit cards for the security deposit.
Luggage should be packed in soft sided bags suitcases do not fit on to sailing boats well, do not forget hats, sunscreen, sun glasses, any medication you may be on and some sort of wet weather gear.
There are life jackets and harnesses on the boat for you but if you have a favourite one then bring it along.

Bareboat Qualification

You will also need proof of competence like a skippers certificate issued either from an international sailing association like RYA, ASA, IYT, MCA etc or from the state/national sailing/nautical association of your country. Day Skipper certificates and/or certificates with other restrictions sometimes may be rejected by Port Authorities, therefore send us a copy in order evaluate your license and let you know if it is sufficient for bareboat charters!
Please note that you are required to have your original sailing certificate with you through out the charter.

Skippered charters

If you are not a qualified skipper or you just want to relax a little bit more on your sailing holiday then you may hire a skipper!
We do cooperate with local professionals and we shall suggest one to hire for your charter.
In skippered charter the itinerary is pretty flexible and only restricted by the distances to sail during your charter period, as well as by the weather condition prevailing during your actual charter period.
We shall be happy to work with you and your skipper in planning a feasible and comfortable itinerary according to your preference!

Skipper and hostess job obligation

The skipper is responsible for the navigation of the yacht, mooring, anchoring and maneuvering and for keeping the deck and cockpit of the yacht in good, clean and fully functional condition, also for managing the refilling of water and fuel of the yacht and of the outboard engine and for processing port formalities, all on Chartererís expense.

The hostess shall do the daily shopping and prepare and serve each day breakfast and a light meal (lunch or dinner).
In addition, the hostess will assist the skipper in all of his/her duties under his/her instructions and shall take care of cleaning of communal areas of the yacht daily.

The skipper and the hostess also need they own cabin, own or sharing of a toilet as well as food provisioning!